a little about pascal…

23 year old PASCAL BABARE was born in southern Australia, the son of a choral singer and a composer. His mother can only hear in one ear and sings like an angel; his father was the first ex-gangster to join the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Raised in and out of ashrams on a diet of Pet Sounds and droning chant, Pascal cared for his first mentor, a camel named Jinglebaba, while listening to 2-Pac and devising uniquely horrific ways to kill insects. Wondering what it all meant, he wrote to Brian Wilson, who wrote back, telling him to focus on the heart’s vibrations. He keeps the letter close to this day. A drummer in his pre-teens, Pascal picked up other instruments as his school days dwindled, first with others and then alone. So the banging was expanded with guitars, harmoniums, birds and thighs, all finding form in sublime chunks of warm, rickety pop.

Santa’s Seasonal Showdown is a Christmas song with a cruel twist and a lot of humor. Featuring a kidnapped protagonist and an obsessive psychotic, seasonal cheer may be thin on the ground, but the humbug is more than compensated by infectious hooks and silent night harmonies. It’s an oddball Christmas ditty like no other before.

Pascal Babare’s awesome debut album ‘Thunderclap Spring’ is available now from http://www.7digital.com and will be in all good independent stores on cassette format (with download code) from December 14th. For more information visit (www.blackmaps.org)





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